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Yannick Bouyidou, MBA, is a driven, multi-lingual hospitality professional turned consultant who holds a bachelor in Hospitality Management and an MBA in Business Transformation & Entrepreneurship. Yannick worked over a decade for the luxury hotel chain The Ritz-Carlton, holding various leadership positions in 4 continents tasked with improving customer engagement, employee engagement and ultimately financial performance. After his last assignment in San Francisco, he decided to reinvent himself with a vision of giving back by sharing his passion and expertise in customer success strategies to recipients such as industry experts, startup founders and students around the world.  Today, Yannick’s mission is to provide a platform that allows individuals and companies to achieve their personal goals by collaborating and sharing a meaningful journey together.

In addition to founding BY Excellence, Yannick volunteers as a judge & mentor at MassChallenge, a Swiss accelerator that supported nearly 400 startups (CHF 200M in funding) across multiple industries.  



Did you know that 96% of people around the world say customer experience is the key factor in their choice of loyalty towards a brand?

At BY Excellence, we help companies strengthen their competitive advantage by optimizing their customer success strategies. We provide a wide range of services such as courses, guest lectures, and short-term and extended consulting services to meet their individual goals.

Ultimately, leveraging today’s technological capabilities in order to provide better customer value is important to us. By virtue of a recent partnership with Be Customer Smart, we now use an AI-powered customer experience management software that allows us to not only identify and analyze the touchpoints that matter the most for the customer but also to predict and anticipate future customers churn and revenues at risk.


Do you want to know more about customer success strategies but don't know the best approach to learning them? Unlike most online learning, all of our courses are delivered live, whether in person or online, to provide a fuller and more personalized learning experience. You will find courses on topics such as customer service, customer experience, and how digital and AI fit within your customer experience strategy.


At BY Excellence, we understand that your business needs are specific and unique to you. Just as your staff and customers require personalized attention, so should you! Therefore, we offer short-term and extended consulting services to help you create or optimize your customer experience and customer journey resulting in a guaranteed increase in customer satisfaction, loyalty, and revenues.


Be Customer Smart is a leading AI solution and consulting provider helping companies strengthen their competitive advantage by optimizing their customer success strategies. What is the link between customer experience and business performance? How to quantify the impact of each touchpoint on your revenues? How to leverage 100% of your customer data versus the small sample size of surveys? How to predict future satisfaction levels and provide proactive service?


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